How to Start a PC Building Company

The first step in starting a PC building business is to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Once the rights are secured, create colorful business cards that showcase your services, list the systems you support, and state the certifications you hold. You can place these cards in various places, such as bookstores, internet cafes, and schools.

Business plan

A well-prepared business plan is essential to starting a PC building company. This plan can help you determine the right location, the demand for your product, and the period your business will be profitable. It also outlines the business direction, the primary goals, and the funding source. Your plan should also detail the type of store arrangement you’ll establish.

Your location should be convenient to the people in the area. If possible, a place near a residential area would be ideal. This way, residents in the area would not have to commute to your store. Further, you would be able to attract buyers who don’t have a personal car. Further, such a location would ensure a steady demand for small computer components and consumables. It would help if you also had a building of at least 80 sq. ft. Moreover, you should have an entrance to your business and enough space to accommodate your clients. Providing enough parking space is also a good idea, but this is not necessary.

Marketing strategy

One way to promote your PC building business is to open a physical store in a residential area. This will attract buyers who do not own a personal vehicle. Moreover, residents of these areas are guaranteed to need small equipment and consumables constantly. The ideal location would be where the store is easily accessible by foot. It should have a minimum area of 80 square feet and be connected to a telephone and central communications system. It should also have an entrance. Parking is also encouraged but not necessary.

You should have a well-developed business plan to make your PC building business a success. This will help you determine the location to set up your store, determine the demand for your product, and identify the period within which it will start paying off. The plan will also indicate your primary objectives and how you plan to achieve them. The program should also show how you plan to acquire the necessary financing and how you will arrange your store.

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to market a PC-building company. This will help you attract more potential customers by allowing you to target customers who are specifically searching for a specific computer product. For instance, a person searching for a new PC might type in “computers,” “best computer deals,” and “Michigan computer store.” Using a free keyword tool from Google and setting up an account with search engines will help you to determine the most relevant keywords. Then, you can bid on several of them, and your ad will appear when people enter the key terms in their search engine. Once a person clicks on the ad, you will only pay for the click.

Legal form

The first step in starting your own PC building business is to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Then, create attractive and colorful advertising cards highlighting your services and listing the systems you support and the certifications you have received. You can place these ads in bookstores, internet cafes, schools, and coffee shops.

You can use an LLC or a sole proprietorship to start a PC building business. The choice of the form you use will depend on the laws of your state. An LLC will have minimal impact on your taxes because it is a pass-through entity but will be taxed at corporate rates.

If you plan to start a PC building business without franchise opportunities, you can choose an LLC. This structure will protect you from legal action. In addition, you will need to obtain an EIN or Federal Tax ID Number for your business. There are some benefits to choosing an LLC, but it is not the best choice for every business. There are many other business entities to consider, and you must decide on the right one for your situation.

In the US, PC building is a lucrative business. Computers are necessary in our modern world, and virtually everyone needs a laptop or computer service. In addition to a personal computer, many people use software to connect them with other people. Therefore, starting a PC building business is an excellent choice for those who want to make money. The right business plan can make your new business a success.


If you are considering starting your own PC building business, you should know the costs involved. Depending on the location and mode of launching your business, your store should be about 50% sales and 50% warehouse area. Another essential factor to consider is the legal form of the company. This decision will determine the level of protection of the entrepreneur’s assets.

A well-developed business plan is essential for a successful pc building company. It will help you figure out where to open your store, which products to offer, and how long it will take to make enough money to make a profit. It will also help you determine the amount of money you will need to start your store. You will also need to create colorful business cards that showcase your services and list your support systems. You can place these cards in bookstores, coffee shops, and internet cafes. In addition, you can also distribute them to schools and other establishments.

Starting a PC-building business can be lucrative for those with a knack for computer tinkering. It will not only save you time and money, but you’ll also have a chance to earn up to 20% of your sales. You can earn anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 annually if you source items intelligently.

The initial setup cost for your PC building business is relatively inexpensive. The average PC build can take about two and a half hours. You’ll need $75 for hardware and $15 for software, which makes it a reasonable cost for a one-person operation. Adding 10% for a warranty makes your total price around $100, which is not bad. If you can build a good enough PC, people will take notice and pay for your services.

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