Best Places to Learn How to Build My Own PC

You can watch various videos online that will teach you how to assemble your PC. Some are free, while others cost money, but a well-done tutorial can teach you the basics. People use different strategies when building a PC, so it’s a good idea to watch multiple examples and make your own decisions based on that. Also, consider the style of PC you’re trying to build and the style of components you will use.


If you want to build a PC but are intimidated by the process, then iBuyPower is the place to go. The company sells retail PCs and custom-built PCs, and its Easy Builder tool lets you customize a PC from the ground up. You can choose from a selection of parts and accessories and customize them to fit your specifications. The company also offers financing options through Affirm.

The company offers a variety of options, including custom RGB lights, a high-end case, and upgraded graphics and CPU coolers. It also provides advanced warranty protection. Custom-built PCs can be delivered to your doorstep in as little as five to ten business days. If you want your PC to arrive even sooner, you can opt for iBuyPower’s rush shipping.

Other places that offer custom PC builds include NZXT and BLD. They offer a three-year labor and parts warranty, and the prices for their PCs are affordable. You can also choose a prebuilt PC from BLD, but you will have to pay an extra fee for the assembled PC. However, BLD PCs are shipped within 48 hours of ordering.

iBuyPower offers an extensive selection of components, and they are geared towards seasoned gamers. Their website is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive information on how to build your PC. It also includes information on overclocking, water-cooling, and more. There are also a variety of gaming PCs under $1,000. And iBuyPower has an Easy Builder tool to make your PC-building process a breeze.


PCPartPicker is a website that allows you to buy the components that make up a PC. You can also follow the prices of the parts you purchase and receive notifications when the prices drop. The site also allows you to share the list of features you bought with your friends on forums, Reddit, or the Micro Center Community forum.

PCPartPicker features a catalog of thousands of computer parts. Each component is listed with its price and compatibility information. It also provides a link to the merchant’s website so you can buy the exact parts you need. The site also allows you to create a customized list of components and order them from the best retailer at the lowest cost. Whether new to building a PC or a seasoned enthusiast, PCPartPicker has all the information you need to learn how to build a PC.

After choosing the needed parts, you can use the PC Part Picker to check compatibility. This tool is built by Microsoft and allows you to enter the brand, model, and model of your PC and any other compatible components you’ve already purchased.

The site also provides detailed build guides. Each one will explain the specs and why a specific component is needed to make a particular PC. PCPartPicker also offers price tracking so you can get notifications when a part drops in price.

The best place to learn how to build your computer is to start by creating your gaming PC. This is a fun way to learn the basics of PC construction, and it’s a cheaper alternative than buying a prebuilt gaming PC. Plus, you can customize your PC and add features to your liking.


YouTube is an excellent resource for learning how to build a PC. The videos are easy to understand, and you can sign in to watch them on your computer or your mobile device. You can also ask questions and learn from other people. Asking questions is half the battle.

There are many different components to your PC, each with its unique internal layout. Reading the manuals with details is a good idea, but you can also learn by watching YouTube videos. There are also many guides to help you install hardware.


Many online resources are available if you have decided to learn how to build your PC. Websites such as PC Mechanic offer advice on making your PC and support for general computer questions. Other online resources include Hardware Central, Hardware Zone, and Taming The Beast Hardware Training, which all provide information on PC hardware. There are also forums where you can get peer support and ask questions from other PC enthusiasts.

PC Builder is another website launched in 2020 to provide the compatibility of pc parts. The website claims to have hundreds of algorithms that check the compatibility of different components. Currently, more than 118,120 custom pcs are built using PC Builder, and the number keeps increasing.

The website offers a tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process. There are specific topics that are covered in each tutorial, from anti-static materials to CPU cooling and other safety precautions. It also explains why CPUs get hot and why you should take precautions.


Books on how to build your PC are available from a variety of sources. If you are new to building a PC, books on PC construction will give you the skills and know-how needed to succeed. However, if you are unsure of your PC-building skills, you can get online help and guides from various sources. These books will explain the components and parts of a PC and even demonstrate the most common problems and solutions.

Some of the best books on how to build a PC are free. These books include step-by-step color photos and detailed instructions. Many of these guides will also include online forums and help forums that can assist. Some guides will help you install your graphics card if you’re a beginner. Following these guides can take a couple of hours to get the right parts and assemble your PC. Of course, if you’re building your PC for the first time, it’s best to avoid rushing. Enlist the help of a friend or family member if necessary.

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